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Nikkhsin Trading in

Nikkhsin Trading
Full service scrap metal company in Malaysia with its own & affiliated scrap metal yards and collecting channels throughout Malaysia. The company started in 2003, managed by Mr. Nishanth PT. Through the years the company expanded its potential and capabilities transforming itself into a modern privately owned business dealing in all forms of scrap trading, scrap collection services and import export. Today, Nikkhsin Trading trades locally in Malaysia and with affiliated companies in India, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines & Australia. Collected resources: Nikkhsin is primarily dedicated to collecting secondary resources such as: iron and iron alloys aluminum and aluminum alloys brass (alloy) copper and copper alloys car batteries (accumulators) waste paper plastics for the purposes of recycling or reselling them to companies that will process them to usable metal, plastic or paper resources

Nikkhsin Trading
Petaling Jaya Selangor

Contact : Nishanth PT
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